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Be in touch to schedule group and private yoga instruction.*

  • Alignment and posture

  • Breath work

  • Stress and anxiety relief

  • Backcare

  • Specialized practices for musicians, cyclists, desk jockeys, and more

  • Pre and postnatal care

To learn more about yoga's ability to create SPACIOUSNESS in body, mind, and spirit, visit Yoga with Lauren.

I also host workshops on Navigating the Real World with an Arts Degree and how to uncover SELF in chaotic times.

*Please note that sliding scale/trades are available on the booking page. Healing yoga and breath work, and relief from chronic pain, should be accessible to all, regardless of marginalization or class struggle. If this is helpful to you, please accept without shame. You can also email to discuss rates and/or trades. Thank you!


What story do you need help telling?

I have experience with product narrative, brand strategy and messaging, social media, presentations, articles, blog posts, website copy, editing, and speech writing and would love to support you.

After beginning as an opera singer and spending years in marketing, I became a storyteller and global communications lead at IBM. For three years, I led IBM initiatives related to internal engagement, collaborative culture, and crafting relatable storylines for tech products.

Here's what my manager (and mentor) Ed Brill had to say: "In 2015, Lauren rewrote the book for IBM rookies. Having only joined IBM in November 2014, she immediately made a major impact on a massive internal rollout of 450K mailboxes globally with a communications strategy that was the fulcrum of success, and a hallmark in restlessly reinventing IBM. Lauren designed communications for the rollout in an engaging, modern style that won accolades and resulted in a high percentage success rate for a perilous process that scaled one employee at a time. Lauren built great content that was used and reused tens of thousands of times in the organization. She used every available channel to build awareness of our successes and was proactive in finding ways to team with other IBM organizations. Lauren worked tirelessly to find unhappy colleagues and convert them to our best advocates."

Do you want to collaborate or get an outsider's perspective? Email me


I love connecting with groups–especially students!–and speak on a variety of topics:

  • Reclaiming "success" when things don't go as planned

  • Career change isn't such a big deal after all

  • Your life is your canvas, or, navigating the real world as humans with arts degrees

  • Uncovering self in chaotic times

  • Career: When you don't fit inside the box

  • How an arts boarding school changed my life

  • Living pain-free: Become your own healer, take your back health into your own hands


Considering a big life or career change? Lost in a sea of applications? 

Wondering how I successfully navigated the post-recession job market on two music degrees, a hope, and a prayer?

Curious about what lifestyle changes, in addition to yoga, can help relieve back pain and reduce the effects of structural issues like hyper-kyphosis, hyper-lordosis, and scoliosis? Book an intuitive coaching session–soft open space to explore what expansion into the future looks like for you.


One of my greatest pleasures is bringing humans together and intentionally holding space for face-to-face connection over shared food, learning, or creativity. If you want to create a small, meaningful gathering to facilitate spaciousness in body and mind or just have fun, I would love to help.

If you've enjoyed my writing or teaching and would like to support my continued education and ability to serve, you can do so below. Thank you so much!

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