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I've been called an overthinker.

I've been called an overthinker–more than once, sometimes by people I love and respect. Over time, I even started calling myself that. But finally, after 32 years, I called BS.

I realized I'm not an overthinker at all.

I'm a thinker.

My mind is my ally and has supported me in times that were hard, painful, fun, prosperous, and everything in between. My mind has helped me heal, problem solve, and thrive.

The systems that dominate our world use our greatest gifts to shame and disempower us. To make us small and then thrive on our doubt. 

Those systems are capitalism, racism, ableism, classism, sexism–all the isms.

As Joan Didion once said, goodbye to all that. 

I've been called overly sensitive, too. But my sensitivity is a superpower. It’s intuition; it’s magic. I see things, understand them, support people, and feel their needs. 

I am a thinker. And what about you?