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Photo by Ladygroove


Lauren is a writer, teacher, student, and creative.

After graduate school, she had to face the post-recession job market with something that was not considered valuable in those years: two music degrees. With bills (and loans) breathing down her neck, she had no choice but to become as resourceful as possible. When she considered what she could truly offer the world, and how she might convince employers to take a chance, it always came back to writing. Words were a focus in college and graduate school; why should anything be different in real life? That thought sparked a career built on distilling complex ideas to resonate with all kinds of audiences.

Lauren went on to work in retail, education, nonprofits, and as a global storytelling lead at IBM. Looking back, she understands that somewhere along the way, she simply transitioned from opera–a 19th century form of storytelling–to a more modern one.

For writing samples, peruse her Instagram accounts, or check out her zine.

What story do you need help telling?

I have experience with product narrative, brand voice, social media, presentations, articles, blog posts, website copy, editing, and speech writing and would love to support you.

After spending years as an opera singer, I became a storyteller and global communications lead at IBM. For three years, I led IBM initiatives related to internal engagement, collaborative culture, and crafting relatable storylines for tech products.

Here's what my manager (and mentor) Ed Brill had to say: "In 2015, Lauren rewrote the book for IBM rookies. Having only joined IBM in November 2014, she immediately made a major impact on a massive internal rollout of 450K mailboxes globally with a communications strategy that was the fulcrum of success, and a hallmark in restlessly reinventing IBM. Lauren designed communications for the rollout in an engaging, modern style that won accolades and resulted in a high percentage success rate for a perilous process that scaled one employee at a time. Lauren built great content that was used and reused tens of thousands of times in the organization. She used every available channel to build awareness of our successes and was proactive in finding ways to team with other IBM organizations. Lauren worked tirelessly to find unhappy colleagues and convert them to our best advocates."

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